How automating time-consuming tasks makes you a better broker

How automating time-consuming tasks makes you a better broker-with-Pup

Being efficient equals being successful, regardless of the job you have. For those working in the financial sector, creating efficiencies means creating extra hours in the day to take care of the important tasks that can fall by the wayside during the everyday hustle.

Here’s how you can claw back precious time to focus on your more important tasks.

Streamlined processes save you time

By accessing real-time client information, brokers can streamline their processes and focus on scaling their business.

Hound’s solution Pup is a simple portal that uses new open banking technology, putting client data in one location. Clients complete a 30 second consent process which allows access to their loan details in real time. The consent is valid for 12 months, or until it is revoked.

Compare these two ways of working:

  • The old way: Admin calls the lender, sits on hold, answers security screening questions and eventually gets the required information. Repeat the process across multiple banks.
  • The new way: Log into Pup and access client information.

By eliminating manual jobs, Pup ensures you can focus more on client engagement and less on paperwork, while boosting your productivity.

Enhanced client experience

Improving the customer experience through straightforward processes not only enhances satisfaction but makes good sense. Australian businesses lose approximately $720 per negative customer experience, according to research by Ernst & Young, proving how important it is to make each step of the client engagement journey frictionless.

Customer retention should be at the heart of every business, especially for brokers – with a myriad of competitors in the Australian market it is easy for a customer to walk if they feel they aren’t being nurtured. Research by global management company Bain and Co. shows that a 10% increase in customer retention can result in a 30% uplift in the value of a company.

Streamlining your processes and admin tasks allows you to concentrate on your existing customers, reducing the chance they will leave.

Robust security

Understanding the importance of data security in the financial industry, Pup is built with state-of-the-art security measures. It ensures that all sensitive client information is securely stored and protected against unauthorised access.

Upholding the integrity of client data is a foundational principle of our operations. Pup’s data in Australia is securely stored through Salesforce, recognised as the gold standard in data protection. Pup will not use your data for anything other than Open Banking and promises to never pass it on or sell it.

Knowing confidential information is inaccessible to malicious actors affords brokers and clients peace of mind. Pup’s secure infrastructure means brokers can prioritise their efforts where they matter most: engaging with clients and growing their business

With customers demanding better service and with competition intensifying, Hound is the definitive solution for brokers aiming to streamline their data management processes, reduce operational costs and keep their existing customers for longer.

Work smarter, not harder, and let technology take the strain off your day-to-day operations. Discover how Pup works to improve efficiencies – visit us today.

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