How to not lose your existing customers

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We know that you’re busy with the day-to-day business challenges that come with being a broker. We understand the:

  • time pressures AKA not enough time to do everything
  • work pressures like more complexity, bureaucracy, delays
  • compliance pressures such as regulations, reviews
  • cost pressures including admin staff, suppliers
  • competitive pressures such as more brokers, fewer loans, alternative channels.

Taking care of your existing customers while keeping an eye on trail book KPls and being alert to back book opportunities and threats can fall by the wayside on top of all your other tasks. What you need is a dedicated strategy that ensures your existing customers are nurtured, and a way of keeping customer data up to date. That strategy is Hound’s platform.

Data management help for brokers

Automating data management with an easy-to-use tool that provides up-to-date information at the click of mouse is essential for anyone working in finance. We understand that your customer data is the cornerstone of your business and the key driver of its value. Our platform consolidates all your customer data in one accessible location, updated in real-time. Hound not only helps you check your data with a comprehensive data health score but also helps you enhance its quality and accessibility.

Hound’s platform is designed to deliver immediate, significant value to brokers without the need for intensive effort on your part. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures a seamless integration into your existing workflows, allowing you to hit the ground running from day one.

Cost effective data management

Concerned about the accuracy, completeness and currency of your customer data? We know that up-to-date data is vital for informed decision making and being able to provide a competitive advantage. Hound gives a clear picture of your data’s current state, identifying gaps and offering solutions at a fraction of your current costs.

Consider the cost of employing a part-time administrative staff member dedicated to data management- easily surpassing $6,000 a year. Hound works around the clock, providing more for less, enabling you to reallocate resources towards more strategic, value-adding activities.

Hound incorporates open banking access at no additional cost to ensure your customers’ loan data is up-to-date with real-time updates on crucial information like interest rates. This empowers brokers to maintain data accuracy, enhancing client trust and satisfaction.

A solution by brokers for brokers

Hound is made up of seasoned professionals who have worked in the mortgage broking industry for a number of years. This experience and understanding allows us to provide a platform for brokers, with the broker in mind, and is something we pride ourselves on.

The majority of solutions are focused on finding new customers, which can result in existing customers feeling less of a priority. When customers feel they are being ignored they leave – and brokers can be so focused on who is coming in the front door they ignore who is leaving via the back door.

Hound’s point of difference is that we are a solution that helps brokers service existing customers. We believe in improving customer retention as a way of growing profitability and growing the business. In the multi-billion-dollar Australian residential home loan market, brokers now settle about two-thirds of all new loans and manage about half of all those existing loans. Unlike our competitors, our database doesn’t stop at settlement – it is maintained afterwards. We know you don’t have time to trawl through your database and that’s what our platform does for you, 24/7.

With customers demanding better service and with competition intensifying, Hound is the definitive solution for brokers aiming to streamline their data management processes, reduce operational costs and keep their existing customers for longer.

Join us in the journey towards data excellence and increased customer satisfaction.

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