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You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Your trail book KPI’s calculated so you know where to focus your attention.

Annual Review reports generated for your clients along with suggested agenda to get the most out of your meeting.

7 different triggers to alert you to opportunities in your back book and to the loans at highest risk of leaving.

Access to Open Banking means you have access to your client's product and interest rate information. You no longer need to go through the lender to get this.

About us

We understand how important writing new business is to sustaining a broking business, but there does come a time in a broker’s life when run off on the back book increases. Loans being paid down or leaving you without your knowledge, often to a point where the new business coming in the front door is only covering what is running out the back door. Your biggest asset is standing still.

Hound is your loyal companion, working like a dog to manage all elements of your back book to make sure you keep your clients longer, your book grows, your profit increases and most importantly, you get the best sale price for your book when you sell.

Are you in the
“no growth” trap?

It’s not uncommon for brokers to get stuck in the “no growth” trap where the back book run off matches the number of new loans written, putting them into stagnant or backwards book growth and plateauing profit. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

We get it. Time is a limited commodity for brokers so we’ve made life easier for you. We’ll alert you to the clients that are at the highest risk of leaving so you can focus your energy on the highest value activities.

This will help reduce your run off meaning the new business you write will be contributing to growth and increasing your profit!

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Factors That Can Affect Your Valuation
Portfolio Trends & concentration
Run Off Rate
Clawback Rate
Age of Loans (seasoning)
Arrears Rate
Mix of Funders

Do you know what your book is worth?

Brokers work incredibly hard to build an asset often to fund their retirement. But do you actually know what your book is worth and what factors contribute to that value? Don’t leave it until you go to sell to find these out because it’ll be too late to change them.

Hound provides analytics on all the important KPIs of a trail book. You can use these analytics to ensure you’re spending time on the highest value activities to ensure your book sells for the highest price possible.

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Saving you more time

We know brokers know that periodic reviews are best practice, but we also know the realities of broker life and that this task can easily take a back seat when more urgent tasks make up most of a broker’s time.

We not only provide you an alert when a client’s annual review is due but we generate a report you can provide the client showing them an overview of their financial position as well as a suggested agenda so you get the most out of your meeting with them.

We give you access to your client’s current loan product and interest rate details.

Why should you have to go through the lender to get access to your client’s loan product information? They’re your clients! Hound gives you access to Open Banking which will give you live access to your client’s data. No more waiting on hold with the lender to get this information.

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Results from running an initial batch of 50 orphan customers through the Hound process showed over half were at risk of running off - unsure about their loans and open to competitor approaches - but readily agreed to meet when proactively approached.​

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I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have a backlog of annual reviews. Part of the pain of doing these is calling the lender to get the clients current rate before I call the client and this often means lengthy hold times. Now I can get the rates myself, generate a pretty annual review report which my clients love and by using the agenda setting function my cross sales have also increased!​

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The Hound Team

Hound’s board members have extensive management and governance experience in the financial sector, together with a detailed commercial understanding of the mortgage broking and home lending business.

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Peter Smyth


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Trevor Matthews


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Joshua Lindsay


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Damien Williams


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Jon Corney


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Mark Woolnough


Greig Holston

Greig Holston


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