Giving mortgage brokers a winning edge

Keep your customers longer and keep growing your business
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Driving growth and profitability
through customer retention

As a broker, you’ll want to retain the new customers you’ve worked so hard to win. But without the right technology to do this cost effectively, it’s hard to improve retention, and revenue and profitability tend to stagnate.

Using Hound, you can simply and cost-effectively retain your customers rather than losing them, and so continue growing your business and its profitability:

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Don't miss refinancing opportunities

Generating additional upfront commissions by refinancing your customers into new products that better fit their changing situation.

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Be there first when they need assistance

Ensuring trail commissions continue well past the average life of a loan.


Get Paid

Increasing the sale value of your back book.

Managing the ever-changing
compliance obligations

Hound’s continued monitoring of your customers enables you to deliver Life of the Loan Assistance in a systematic way to support your compliance with Best Interests Duty.

Hound pays for itself many times over

With Hound, over five years, a typical broker’s existing customer back book will grow by over 30%, business revenue will be up by 45%, and the sale value will be up to 50% higher.

Without Hound, a typical broker’s existing customer back book gets caught in a “no growth” trap where run-off matches new loans, leaving business revenue and sale value flat.

Using data & technology to put you on the front foot

Hound gives you ongoing access to comprehensive, up-to-date information about your customers, their financial position and their current loans, and to the qualified lending options then available to them.

The technology then alerts you to opportunities to proactively contact your customers at key times when things are changing so they’re more open to approaches from competitors if they don’t hear from you.

This way, you’re able to deliver more relevant “time of need” service, you’ll complete more refinancing and repricing for your customers rather than losing them, and you’ll keep them longer and keep them happy.

And by retaining more of your customers for longer, you’ll grow the size of your business, increase its profitability, and it’ll command a higher sale value.

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Results from running an initial batch of 50 orphan customers through the Hound process showed over half were at risk of running off - unsure about their loans and open to competitor approaches - but readily agreed to meet when proactively approached.

About us

At Hound we bring together brokers and their customers with lenders and related service providers, with a vision to:

Give brokers access to the data and technology they need to deliver ongoing Life of the Loan Assistance to their customers so they can enjoy a lifetime of healthy loans

Increase transparency and reduce uncertainty for brokers and their customers.

Integrate technology and operations to lower service times, eliminate costs, and remove the re-work burden for brokers.

Enable brokers to act cost effectively in compliance with their Best Interests Duty.

The Hound board

Hound’s board members have extensive management and governance experience in the financial sector, together with a detailed commercial understanding of the mortgage broking and home lending business.

Peter Smyth

Peter has had a long executive career in international financial services and then in private equity before starting Hound.
Founder and
Managing Director

Trevor Matthews

Trevor is a widely experienced financial sector director and serves on a number of Boards, for both listed and unlisted entities, in Australia and overseas.

Frank Ganis

Frank has had a successful executive career leading the mortgage business of a major bank lender, and is widely known and respected amongst lenders and brokers alike.

Contact us

If you’re interested in finding out more about what Hound can do to reduce your run-off and grow your business, email us at [email protected]

For media enquiries, call Roger Newby at Domestique Consulting on +61 401 278 906