Article Category: Hound Questions

How can I search the platform?

Hound has a global search functionality at the top of the menu page. You can utilise this search functionality in the Search All Fields box

How can I manage my actions?

Hound creates targeted Actions for each broker that are identified by one of seven different triggers. These triggers include; Annual review – Conducting periodic or

Can I personalise settings?

Located in the toolbar at the top right of the Hound platform you’ll find the Broker Admin tab. This can be accessed by selecting the

How do I manage my Opportunities?

Hound allows a broker to create Opportunities as outcomes from the Actions that are identified to them. The broker can create an Opportunity in the

Open Banking

Customers can now consent to share their data with third parties in a secure and safe manner through Open Banking. Open Banking allows consumer loans

Which lenders offer Open Banking?

Below is a list of financial institutions that are registered and available in the Adatree’s Data Recipient Platform. List last updated 19/4/2023 Amigo Cairns bank

How do I reprice a loan?

We have a training video for this subject here: Hound’s repricing feature is specifically designed for brokers to approach the existing lender so they