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Can I personalise settings?

Located in the toolbar at the top right of the Hound platform you’ll find the Broker Admin tab. This can be accessed by selecting the My Profile drop down.

In the Administration Settings you’ll see a series of adjustable fields where you can tailor the way you receive notifications to do with triggered actions.

There are options to adjust the time frames for you to receive advance notice ahead of actions being triggered, and also to set the LVR limit for Potential Equity actions.

You can also adjust the default Trailing Commission and Upfront Commission rates – these are used to calculate the value of the Opportunities you create.

The Administration Settings page also has an Open Banking consent requests link at the bottom. This link provides an alternative option for sending an Open Banking consent request link to your customers.

You can click the little clipboard icon next to the link and then use this link to allow them to consent to Open Banking.

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