Create Even More ROl With Enhanced Hound


This February, we’ve released a range of new features to help you better manage your backbook and keep your customers longer.

A Better User Experience To Save You Time

We have introduced a simple, streamlined onboarding process to get you started on the Hound platform. Simply upload your monthly commission and CRM data at the click of a button or by a quick drag and drop.

View your customer data all in one place. No more messy spreadsheets!

Receive automatic monthly prompts to upload a new data file, ensuring your data stays fresh. This enables you to find the best opportunities possible for your customers.

Sharper Actionable Intelligence For Better Customer Service

Hound uses actionable intelligence to alert you about changes in your customer’s situation or milestones in the current loan, enabling you to stay on the front foot with refinancing options and customer service.

Ensure best interest duty compliance and save time with ongoing alerts for unmet servicing needs. Annual review reports are produced automatically.

Hound also directs repricing applications to the current customer lender, creating alerts when the customer’s loan rate appears out of line.

Easily Find Additional Business

Hound helps you find new lending opportunities, with dynamic LVR calculations providing current equity estimates and potential security for new borrowing.

Hound will also alert you to any security property on the market so you can make the first move.

Easily Ensure Your Return On Investment

All of this enhanced Hound functionality is available for the same monthly fee.

Subscription starts at $199 per user per month, and the platform’s efficiency will free up staff members to work on, not in, your business.

The first month of subscription is free; if you decide not to proceed, you get to keep your database.

Refinancing just one customer per year will easily exceed the annual cost of your Hound subscription.

Creating a lower run-off rate means higher trails for longer, growing your customer base for future referrals, new lending and refinancing.

Let us help you grow the value of your business for a future sale. Keep your customers longer and keep growing your business with Hound.

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