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Pup Tutorial

You can revisit this tutorial any time by clicking the ‘?’ in the top right corner of the Pup platform.

First of all, on the Profile page copy and paste your email signature, this will get you ready to use Pup.

Add a Client/Bulk Clients

Head to the Client Page and select either:

  • Add a client - Type First Name, Last name and Email
  • Add bulk clients - Upload a file of First Names, Last names and Emails (Template provided)
Step 1

Request open banking sharing consent

Time to request their consent to share their data, the consent lasts 12 months once granted. Either:

  • Copy your unique link on the Profile Page and send it to your clints however you choose OR
  • On the Client page, using the tick boxes to select one or multiple clients to request. You can choose whether or not Pup automatically requests renewal of this consent after 50 weeks.
Step 2

Client consents to sharing

The client will receive your unique link by one of the methods above, using this they will complete a One Time Password email address verification via Adatree (the Open Banking data provider), then opt in to sharing their data and finally be directed to their Lender's portal to log in and finalise the sharing.

Step 3

Tips to improve consent rates

  • Watch our consent demo video or consent yourself first so you can see the client side of the process
  • Copy your unique link in your own email or send an email notify customers before sending a bulk email from the Pup platform
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